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What we do

For insurance consumers that don’t want the lengthy process of buying insurance, InsureLife provides a mobile experience that recommends the right insurance product based on their needs and connects them with the best expert agent to help via video, voice or chat in an instant.

InsureLife Platform

Consumers are pulled into our platform when their intent to purchase is the highest based on their behaviors, interests and more. Using psychographic and behavioral data, along with AI Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, our platform recommends the right insurance product based on their needs and pairs them with the best agent to help them in an instant.
Consumers get access to an expert licensed agent via video, voice or chat, who provides the human touch needed in insurance sales and service 24x7x365. On-demand Gig Economy Agents login to our platform and receive live, high-interest buyers on their time and get paid for each transaction. Our platform does the rest.
Insurance companies offer their products through our platform, which finds the best contextual selling opportunities by matching their products with the right high-intent consumers to reach the vast pockets of the mass market at large.

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Our platform is powered by data, algorithms and the cloud to reinvent the insurance transaction based on the consumers’ journey, from the point of discovery to close. Aligning to the consumers’ journey enables any type of insurance product to be offered to consumers through our platform.
By applying data-driven and AI-centric innovation to the full insurance transaction, the insurance value chain becomes disintermediated, unlocking insights about the behaviors and interests that influence the buying and selling of insurance. This, in turn, enables customer-centricity by delivering the right insurance products meeting consumers’ needs anytime and anywhere.

Platform Economy for Insurance

Insurance agents in the U.S, are no strangers to working in the Gig Economy workforce. In fact, they’ve been working as 1099 employees for decades. Still, the existing model does little to solve the friction points of buying and selling insurance for both consumers and agents.
InsureLife’s platform creates a disruptive, insurance commerce model for consumers, agents and insurance companies that serves the diverse needs of the mass market with exponential productivity gains and customer centricity not currently provided by today’s model.

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