Getting any kind of insurance should be easy.

 Enabling consumers to easily protect themselves, their families and their small businesses from the natural and man-made risks of everyday life is our goal.

Every life is worth protecting and should have access to the right protection, as well as an expert who works in their best interest. We can do better as an industry to serve consumers and that’s why we created InsureLife.

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Our Platform and Ecosystem

InsureLife’s platform is a hybrid between a digital insurance marketplace and an on-demand services platform where agents, insurers and partners are brought together to serve the best interest of the customer.

Our digital platform leverages data, AI Machine Learning and the cloud to correct the misalignment between the insurance industry and connected consumers’ buying journey.

Why fight for this?

Today’s antiquated distribution mode of insurance products leaves the mass-market uninsured and underinsured.

$12 Trillion

life insurance coverage gap in the U.S. and growing each year.

50% Homeowners

in the U.S. are largely underinsured.

44% Small Businesses

in the U.S. have never had insurance.

Digital Future of Insurance Distribution

An AI powered digital backbone for the insurance industry delivering any kind of insurance worldwide.

For Consumers

Buy any insurance instantly.

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For Agents

Make money anytime, anywhere.

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For Insurers

Gain new customers.

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For Partners

Get paid for affinity marketing.

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