Our Platform and Ecosystem.

InsureLife provides an interoperable digital distribution platform for insurance companies that brings together their insurance products, partners, and our licensed agents to create in the moment buying experiences for connected consumers.

Using psychographic and behavioral data in our proprietary algorithms and AI models, we predict key life events and behaviors that drive insurance needs. We engage users throughout their unique decision journey, with relevant advice so they end up with the best insurance. Our turn-key agency has licensed agents available 24×7 to help consumers via video, voice or chat instantly anytime anywhere.

Live your life, we’ve got your back.

Consumers don’t think about insurance and they shouldn’t have to. In a connected world, it should be easy to learn why, when and how to protect themselves, their families, their property and their small businesses from the natural and man-made risks of daily life.

Every life is worth protecting and should have access to objective advice that they understand, the right protection, as well as an expert who works in their best interest anytime anywhere. We believe we can do better to serve middle market connected consumers and that’s why we created InsureLife.

Why fight for this?

Today’s antiquated distribution mode of insurance products leaves the middle market uninsured and underinsured.

$12 Trillion

Life Insurance coverage gap in the U.S. and growing each year.

50% Homeowners

in the U.S. are largely underinsured.

44% Small Businesses

in the U.S. have never had insurance.

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