Get frictionless, turnkey incremental revenue

InsureLife provides an AI-Powered, turnkey, white-label Fintech SaaS Platform to Banks and Credit Unions to acquire, activate, cross-sell, and service life insurance consumers online and at branch locations, generating incremental revenue, increasing wallet share, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

Grow your revenue with our turnkey, white-label, compliant life insurance SaaS solution

Customer Targeting

AI-powered brand-compliant marketing engine identifies potential customers via predictive analysis of various channels.

Customer Acquisition

Our AI assistant interacts with customers, and compliant live agents provide personalized assistance on behalf of your brand through a white-label app.

Customer Activation

Customers are assisted in policy application and issuance by the AI assistant and live agents, who step in for complex scenarios via the app.

Customer Cross-sell

Predictive AI identifies cross-selling opportunities, and live agents can help customers make informed decisions via the app.

Customer Service

The AI assistant handles customer inquiries, and live agents provide personalized attention. The AI also automatically coaches agents to maintain service level agreements.

Customer Claims

The AI assistant expedites claim processing, and live agents help with complex cases to ensure efficient and thorough claims resolution.

How it works

Instantly provide customers with life insurance via our AI-powered, turnkey, white-label app and get an incremental revenue stream.

Onboard your Bank or Credit Union

We set up your white-label turnkey app that integrates seamlessly into your bank or credit union.

Acquire Customers

Our AI-powered brand-compliant marketing identifies potential customers who interact with our generative AI Assistant or live agents.

Activate, Service & Cross Sell

The AI assistant and live agents representing your brand assist customers in policy application and issuance — most auto-issue. Our predictive AI also identifies cross-selling opportunities.


Your institution receives revenue on successful new policy transactions and renewals.

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