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InsureLife provides a turnkey digital solution to banks, service providers, and retailers to offer insurance to its customers. Join as a trusted partner and get a predictable, sustainable, and profitable revenue stream by referring your customers for their insurance needs. No sales, technology, or compliance headaches.

Increase your share of wallet, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

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How it works

Instantly refer customers for their insurance needs via our turnkey, white-label customer referral app and get an incremental revenue stream.


Register, and we’ll set up your white-label, turnkey, customer referral app.


Connect your customers instantly with compliant, licensed agents on mobile, tablet, and desktop.


Customers transact with agents using your trusted brand’s representation in minutes, and most policies auto-issue.


You receive revenue on successful new policy transactions and renewals.

Grow your revenue with our turnkey, white-label, compliant solution

Turnkey, White-Label Solution

Refer your customers instantly via our white-label customer referral app on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Compliant, Fast Delivery

Customers transact with compliant, licensed agents in minutes on behalf of your trusted brand.

No Sales Headaches

Zero sales overhead.

No Agent/broker Headaches

We manage all licensed agent operations on our Platform and record all calls.

No Compliance Headaches

We handle all insurance agency & agent compliance on our Platform at no cost.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

A fast & easy transaction enables customers to buy from you, their trusted brand, increasing customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

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