Life Insurers

GROW in a Contactless World.

Our digital platform provides consumers personalized insurance advice in short videos, recommends your Life, Annuity, and Supplemental products, and connects them with agents instantly, blending the convenience of D2C with the expert-touch of licensed agents.

We’re seeking early-adopter Life Insurers.

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Growth for Life Insurers.

Engage New Customers.

Reach high-interest consumers anytime anywhere digitally with any insurance product.

Re-engage Existing Customers.

Unlock cross-sell opportunities and differentiated brand value. 


Use your existing insurance products. We’re not a marketplace. You get a private garden to engage new and current customers with your products exclusively.

Engaged Customers Buy More Stuff from You.

Personalized Insurance Advice.

We give consumers personalized insurance advice in short videos based on users’ unique behaviors and lives.

Insurance Recommendations.

We recommend your Life, Annuity and Supplemental Insurance for their lifestyle when they’re most interested.

24×7 Live Agent Help.

We connect consumers with agents to help anytime via video, voice, or chat instantly.

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We’re seeking early adopter Life & Annuity Insurers to distribute their Life, Annuity, and Supplemental products differently in a contactless world.

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